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: make do

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    Jul 2011

    make do

    make do

    There is no specific rule to follow when talking about these two words make and do
    But you can make use of the hints that will follow


    We always use do to describe indefinite activities, often with what, thing, anything, nothing, etc
    (what are you doing - ) ǡ

    and generally speaking we also use do to talk about duties, jobs or leisure activities

    do ʡ

    Do means to perform

    Here are some examples

    do research =====

    do nothing =====

    do a favour =====

    do well =====

    do effort =====

    do a job =====

    do homework ===== ()

    do the best ===== ( )

    do harm =====

    do good =====

    doing fine =====

    do / dont care ===== /

    do business =====

    do homework ===== ()

    Examples in sentences

    What do you do? I'm a teacher

    I'm not doing anything today

    He does everything for his mother

    Do your work. Do your job

    do a mile in four minutes

    That's a job well-done

    We do business with that company

    I like my steak well done

    I have nothing to do tomorrow afternoon. Let's go to the cinema

    At the end of each holiday, I always think it wouldn't do me any harm


    We tend to use make when we are talking about constructing, creating or performing something


    Make means create something that didn't exist

    Study the following examples

    make breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert ===== ѡ

    make a telephone call =====

    make a mess =====

    make noise, a sound =====

    make an appointment =====

    make an asssumption =====

    make an attempt =====

    make changes =====

    make a choice =====

    make a comparison =====

    make a complaint =====

    make a decision =====

    make a demand =====

    make a difference =====

    make an effort =====

    make an exception =====

    make an excuse =====

    make friends =====

    make fun of someone =====

    Examples on make

    When I grow up, I want to have a job that allows me to make a lot of money

    We would be very happy if the countries in the Middle East make peace

    I shall make all the arrangements for you

    The President made an excellent speech yesterday

    I hate it when my little brother makes fun of me

    I think the airplane leaves at 8 a.m., but you had better make sure

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    : make do

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    : make do

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    : make do

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    : make do


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