It all started when Tom called me to join him in a game of basketball. He said that Jack and some other boys would be there too. I had finished my homework and had nothing else to do so I agreed. Tom told me to go to Radin Mas Community Club at three o'clock.

On the way there, I bought a burger. When I reached the basketball court, I was surprised to see Tom and Jack quarrelling. Tom and Jack are brothers and they loved each other and seldom quarreled.

Later on, I learnt that they were quarrelling over who should start throwing the ball. I shouted to them to stop but they would not listen. They created such a racket that the people in a nearby coffeeshop were looking at them. Soon Tom and Jack started to trade punches. I was shocked, as I had never even heard them quarreled before. Now they were fighting before my eyes!

Luckily, two men came and grabbed hold of the boys till the boys calmed down. Then I suggested that we go to the coffeeshop for a drink. At the coffeeshop, I brought out my burger and it was good to see Tom and Jack sharing the burger and laughing once again.