The most famous and popular game in the world at this time is football

and the most famous player in football is

Pele . The most time people

spend watching TV, is watching the news

and sports . And the special

sport is football .

Pele was born on October 23 1940 in

Brazil . During his life , he has eamed 92

international caps and he has scored 77

international goals .

Pele has a very strong body and he is

very fast when he plays football . Any

player has difficult stopping Pele .

He can score goalswith both his feet and

with his head . And he make the most

beautifulgoals . If Pele takes the ball , all the

people can see what the new play

that Pele has .

The king of football is Pele . He has

played with the cantwes club and the

cozmos club . He played with Brazil in 92

internationalgames . He had number 10 in

his time . he continued to blay for 20 years .

He has 1258 goals in 1362 games . He has

bee named top scorer for 11 time .

Beautiful skills , astonishing speed

and ball cantrol , and all ofthose great

players in the yellow and green shirts ,

Pele was the greatest of them all .

The end of a sapreme caree

finally came in 1977 when Pele hung up his

boots for gool and settled for arole as

asporting ambassador .

Latar he become Brazil’s Minister for sport .

He also popped up , from t
ime to time