When we talk about ambition this mean or we understand, what will happen in the future or what we do in the future such as jobs, marriage or anything you desire. Sometimes the ambitious is very important for the people because, it’s gods to arrange or to put plans in our minds for the future plans. There are many types of ambitions for example, someone who wants to buy a car, get married or study in the university. I think ambition is always for poor people because, they don’t have money and they want to increase their incomes by making big company’s or by trading on natural resources, that is my opinion. Everyone has the desire for his country or for important people in his country. For example, everybody hopes or wishes from football team in his country always win their match.

All countries have ambitions, some countries want to make good factories and produce goods and services as well as exchange the trade with other countries (import and export).
I have many ambitions in my life. I hope when I finish my education from the college I wish to obtain good certificate good (GPA). I will try to complete my education outside Oman maybe in Jordan or anywhere to get BA certificate in office management specialization. After that I will try to obtain a good job in the government. I hope to get a good salary.
When complete four or three years in my work then I will buy new car and I will build big house after that I will get married.

My big ambition is the trade. I like the trade 15 years ago. Everybody starts their trade from zero. First I wish to open a small shop for foodstuff to sell. Now I will buy everything to satisfy the customer’s. Next I hope to grow up or sell my trade from one shop into two or three shop and exchange with big companies to learn from these companies how sell my trade. Then I will grow up from small to a big factory for foodstuff. Everyday I put different plans for the future. I hope to open a massive company included or consists of all department such as management, finance, purchase, sell and account, it is for foods distribution. I will provide more jobs for people who don’t have jobs maybe I will remove unemployment. I will try to make good relationships between my trade or my company as well as European countries because; European countries have good factories, good production and massive companies.

We know everyone has one or more than one desires so my second ambition is also the trade but external trade. I will purchase trucks to export the vegetables or fruit. Vegetable and fruit are very importance in our life. My father has four farms in my village. First I will sow the vegetable when it grows up I will start to reap it. Then start my work I will export the vegetable to U.A.E or to all Gulf countries. I want to expand my trade. I think internal trade is comfortable than external trade because, it’s in your country.
Also I have a third desire in my life, it is the last ambition for me in this life. I want to work to combat the pollution. We know the pollution is very dangerous for people, air, sea’s, and the environment. First I will take some principles to start my work, I will go to the people who own factories I will ask them to stop throwing the garbage’s in the sea’s or the ocean’s. There are many reason’s for the pollution for example, smoke, car, people themselves and the factories.
Finally I hope to satisfy the customer’s in my trade and I want to be popular around the world. I think the ambition has many benefits for example, it make people have or they make good ideas and opinion’s that is perhaps good to build our country. I hope to work hardly to achieve my ambition.