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: F&B-Cost Control Manager Job

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    Jul 2011

    F&B-Cost Control Manager Job

    Company Profile:

    The restaurant is a traditional Lebanese restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It has been established in the late 70ies. Later, a sit-down and take-away outlet was established in another area of the city. This expansion was followed by a take-away outlet in the food court of a shopping mall. Further additions may follow.

    The main restaurant is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner and seats 112 guests. In addition, this restaurant has a sizeable take-away business and a catering business that targets mainly private homes and palaces. The catering services include the whole spectrum from food/drink delivery only to full service (furniture, food/drinks, and waiters).

    The kitchen activities are centralized at the location of the main restaurant. It caters for all operations and outlets.

    Total staff of the group is above 100, out of which half are working in the kitchen.

    Job Responsibilities:

    - Establishing a healthy F&B cycle processes, from the warehouses of the suppliers to the plates of the customers

    - Achieve higher margins through effective analysis and auditing of cost
    Control processes linked to Food production and other cost centers in the restaurants

    - Installing an effective Point of Sale, Back Office and Inventory Systems. Training cahiers, store keeper/purchasers, and accountants on the correct use of the system

    - Establishing together with Executive Chef, Standard Recipes for all the restaurants F&B offer

    - Verify that standard purchase specifications are adhered to consistently

    - Lead negotiations with suppliers with regards to purchases/returns, prices, specifications, payment terms and other key terms and conditions.

    - Establishing and controlling and inter-departmental requisition system

    - Setting F&B cost deduction objectives with General

    - Prepare instructions relating to Warehouse policies and procedures

    - Arrange various inspections for raw materials quality
    Job Details

    Date Posted: 2012-01-13
    Job Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Job Role: Management
    Company Industry: Catering/Food Services/Restaurants; Hospitality/Tourism/Travel
    Joining Date: 2012-03-01

    Preferred Candidate

    Career Level: Management
    Gender: Male

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    Jul 2011

    : F&B-Cost Control Manager Job

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    Jul 2011

    : F&B-Cost Control Manager Job

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    Jul 2011

    : F&B-Cost Control Manager Job


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    Jul 2012

    : F&B-Cost Control Manager Job

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