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: HR Manager Job

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    Jul 2011

    HR Manager Job


    - Attract, develop and retain the highest caliber of employees available for the company by conducting the full recruitment process including needs job posting, selection and interviewing as well as hiring procedure
    - Identify, select, develop and deliver trainings to all levels of the organization to ensure employees are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to achieve optimum performance
    - Cooperate with training organizations to provide employees with outside training programs necessary for their personal and professional development
    - Establish a performance appraisal system for the whole organization and ensure circulation and completion of appraisals in timely manner
    - Create succession plans as well as career plans for all employees to motivate them to work hard to reach the next step in their career
    - Develop a competitive compensation strategy that will enable the company to attract, motivate and retain a high caliber of employees
    - Develop incentives and benefits for all levels of the organization that is fair and competitive
    - Assist in resolving all personnel problems in the organization and take measures to prevent problems from happening again
    - Monitor and improve employee satisfaction and morale through implementation and development of different programs that will motivate them
    - Retain all employee files and ensure they are completed and updated constantly.
    - Circulate, monitor and develop corporate policies and procedures in location to ensure consistency with Group and effective work procedures - Monitor, record and report daily attendance and inform necessary parties to computer payroll and deductions
    - Monitor vacation and leaves records and reports and input in HR system for payroll computation
    - Assist in the implementation of medical health insurance claims and resolve any problems that may arise
    - Perform any other personnel functions necessary to ensure smooth operation of the department.
    Job Details

    Date Posted: 2012-01-14
    Job Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Job Role: Management
    Company Industry: Arts/Entertainment/and Media; Human Resources; Management

    Preferred Candidate

    Career Level: Management
    Gender: Male

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    Jul 2012

    : HR Manager Job

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