General exercise

Correct what ever is wrong in the following sentences:

1. Why you study the English?

2. Ali reads good, isn’t it?

3. Why you not say the truth?

4. Will I g at the post office?

5. How to make this problem, sir?

6. Is he more better from me?

7. I have written him last week.

8. Let me to try to do this and me.

9. Don’t be fool.

10. I have never seen a so good film .

11. He has not ate nothing these days .

12. The tree will soon lose it’s leaves.

13. It’s too late.

14. He doesn’t able to speak English correct.

15. Mary did her work good.

16. The book is neither green or red .

17. She is search at her pencil.

18. She never listen her mother.
19. The mother sat besides the sick child .

20. It’s our duty to help the poors.

21. I’m sad that the news of palatine are worse.

22. They didn’t obeyed to their advice .

23. He is going each morning to the market.

24. He is working in the office since five years.

25. How you are going with your piano lesson?

26. Can you to come for dinner today evening?

27. My brother he is found in the first class

28. It doesn’t worth to say lies about it .

29. I made all which I could for helping him.

30. It’s two years now since he left from England.

31. Are you a fraid in spider?

32. I entirely agree at you
33. I agree with your suggestion if you lower the price.

34. Ahmad has difficulty at his travel arrangement.

35. If I went to France, I will learn French.

36. We should stop to pollute the atmosphere.

37. The idea of the UN was first put up in 1945.

38. Before I came to the school , I visite the doctor

39. The dentist will take out the tooth.

40. I really must stop sing.

41. He keeps on work until he had finished it.

42.I think we should bring the date of meeting backward from the 25th to the 21st.

43. The function of the lunge is supply oxygen to the blood.

44. lunge is for to supply oxygen to the blood .

45. I wonder if I may have a little more cheese?

46. You could has help me why didn’t you ?