Class room Management

The inexperienced or nervous teacher tends to start teaching as soon as she enters the classroom. There are several things to do first, which ' pay of ' in terms of avoiding trouble later on.

œ Checking your equipment: make sure you have got every thing you need and you have not left something vital in the staff room.

œ Checking the room equipment: * see that the board is clean.
* There are pens to write on the board.

œ Ensuring access: It is important to make sure that you will have access to every student in the class. ( to hear the speaker clearly- to be able to answer individuals- to control the least interested students. ).

œ Reducing distance: If there are more desks than the students, get the students at the back to fill desks in front.

œ Removing distractions: Make sure that students have on their desks only things you want them to have.

œ Seating arrangement : Determine who sits next to who- how to change the arrangement to fit the activity.

œ Giving clear instructions.

œ Monitoring . group and pair work

œ Using students' names.

œ Starting the lesson .

œ Finishing the lesson: Remember to set homework.

œ Farewells and socializing .