How to be a good teacher

What makes a good teacher ?

These are some of the students' responses to the above question ;

* They should make their lessons interesting so you do not feel asleep in them.

* A teacher must love her job. If she really enjoys her job that will make the lessons more interesting.

* I like the teacher who shares her personality and does not hide it from the students.

* I like the teacher who has lots of knowledge, not only of her subject.

* It's important that you can talk to the teacher when you have problems.

* A good teacher is somebody who has an affinity with the students that she is teaching.

* A good teacher should try to draw out the quiet ones and control the more talkative ones.

* She should be able to correct people without offending them.

* A good teacher is someone who helps rather than shouts.

* A good teacher is someone who knows our names.

And Finally remember ..your mission will and why we all celeberat your day