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    Jul 2011

    Ramadan Lies Arent Good

    A young girl, age ten woke up one morning with the light peering in she was unaware that it was the Fifteenth day of Ramadan and she hasnt fasted one day of it yet.

    Her mom was downstairs, on her laptop and peered over at her. The girls name was Yasmine. Good Morning, Yasmine. Her mom said with a smile. Yasmine didnt answer, instead she got out a gallon of milk and a bowl and then she got out some of her favorite cereal.

    Her mom sighed as Yasmine sat down and began to eat. Yasmine arent you going to fast during the lovely month of Ramadan? Her mother asked. Yasmine waited until she swallowed her 9th bite. Well, Im not even 11 yet I am still a young girl, I dont need to fast Yasmine said hotly. Her mother frowned When it was your birthday you were skipping around the house singing I am ten, I am ten, Im a big girl.!

    Yasmine kept eating and walked into the computer room. Her mother followed Yasmine, I know you dont want to but you WILL fast tomorrow, I will wake you up for Suhur and you will fast throughout the day without eating. Her mother said firmly and walked out of the room. Its no fair! Yasmine muttered. She forgot why she was in the Computer Room and got out.

    The next day her mother woke her up. Yasmine, time for Suhur, you must wake up! She whispered. How can I have Suhur at this time? The moon is up and there is no trace of light! Yasmine said angrily. Dont use that tone of voice with me, come downstairs NOW. Her mother said with a frown, Yasmine followed.

    She looked at the food her mom placed in front of her, a cheese sandwich, fruit punch, and three marshmallows. Yasmine ate and yawned. If you are finished Yasmine, you may go to bed. Her mother said. Mom, what happens if someone accidentally takes a bite or drinks something? Yasmine asked on the first stair. Well, our fast will still count, it is a gift from Allah (SWT) Her mother replied. Oh. Said Yasmine and walked upstairs and to her room, in no time she had fallen fast asleep.

    After an hour and a half her mom woke her up. Time for school, Yasmine. Her mother said shaking her. Im up, Im up! Yasmine said, she got out of bed and put on her uniform, she was hungry! She thought about Suhur and what her mom told her about accidentally eating. I wish I forget. She muttered.

    She walked downstairs and put on her shoes and her mother walked into the car and Yasmine followed. When she got to school she was hungry, even hungrier then before. Suddenly a thought formed in her head. The thought was that she would go to the water fountain and forget that she was fasting and take a nice drink making sure people were around. Are you fasting? A girl would ask and Yasmine will nod then shed say Oh! I forgot that I was fasting, oh no! My fast has been broken! Yasmine would cry. The girl would tell her that she had not broken her fast because it was an accident, of course Yasmine knew this but she would just pretend she didnt know. Thank you! Yasmine would say and walk off to her classroom.

    Yasmine formed an evil smile. She walked to the water fountain and said Boy, am I thirsty today! I wonder why? She said pretty loudly. She took a drink, there were teachers and students around her but no one said anything, she drank more and more and more till she was VERY full of water.

    The teacher looked at her and said. Yasmine were you fasting? He asked her.
    Oh yes I waOH NO! I just drank water, oh no, oh why?! She said dramatically. My fast has gone away, has been crushed into little pieces, and its my first time fasting! She continued.
    Oh no, it didnt break, it was an accident, it was a gift from Allah (SWT). The teacher said.
    Really?! Yasmine said her eyes wide. GREAT! The teacher knew she was faking it.

    No one would act like that if they accidentally drank or ate something. Ill have a talk with her He said quietly to himself.
    With who? Halima asked, the biggest gossip of the school.
    Oh, just with a student, it doesnt matter who that is right now. He said.

    Yasmine sat down and whispered to her friend, Im fasting! Are you!? Yasmine said.
    Of course, I told you Ive been fasting every day of Ramadan Her best friend, Sarah replied.

    When the last bell rang and all students were pouring out of the school, Yasmines teacher who saw her drink water came up to her.
    Yasmine we need to have a talk He said.
    I didnt put that stink bomb in the girls' bathroom I swear! Yasmine said her eyes flashing.
    What stink bomb? He asked.
    Oh, umm pretend I said nothing right now. Yasmine said. He sat down.
    When you accidentally drank water, did you know that if you drink or eat accidentally your fast doesnt break? He asked.
    Y..n.yes! I admit it I was STARVING AND THIRSTY!!! Yasmine cried out.
    Then why did you fast if you knew youd get terribly hungry? He asked calmly.
    My mom FORCED me too! Yasmine said.
    I am sure she didnt force you to. He said in disbelief.
    She did too! Yasmine said.
    Ill call her. He said and got up and left without another word.
    Ah, Well!! Yasmine said.

    She went home and her mother apologized to her. I won't force you to fast anymore. She said.
    I want to fast tomorrow! Yasmine said.
    OK! Her mom said.

    Yasmine walked into the computer room and started to typeshe went to Microsoft Wordand started typing her story.

    Written& Illustrated by: Layla

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