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: Introduction to Optics

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    Jul 2012

    Introduction to Optics

    Introduction to Optics
    (Advanced Texts in Physics)
    By Germain Chartier

    # Publisher: Springer
    # Number Of Pages: 598
    # Publication Date: 2005-05-04
    # Sales Rank: 265767
    # ISBN / ASIN: 0387403469

    Book De******ion:

    Choice Outstanding Title! (January 2006)

    Since the discovery of the lasers in 1960 and optical fibers in 1970, optics underwent deep changes which accentuated its multi-field character. This work covers essential concepts of comprehension and reports the great progress of current knowledge in optics. The method of presentation is inspired by Richard Feynman, with an emphasis on "telling" optics, rather than deducing it from fundamental laws. For its excellent teaching style, the book received the Arnulf-Francon Award by the French Optical Society. The concepts are formulated in a way such that the necessary mathematical tools do not hinder comprehension of the phenomena. Global in vision, the book can also be used as a reference. In addition to the traditional aspects of optics, it includes the tools and methods currently used by researchers and engineers as well as explanation and implications of the most recent developments.

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    : Introduction to Optics


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    : Introduction to Optics

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