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    A bad Workman Blames His Tools

    ( )

    A bird in the hand worth ten in the bush

    A burnt child dreads fire
    ( )

    A cat has nine lives

    A cock crows on his own dunghill
    ( )

    A drowning man will clutch a straw

    a fox is not taken twice in the same snare
    ( )

    A friend in need is a friend indeed
    ( )

    A guilty conscience needs no accuser

    A hungry man is an angry man

    A jack-of-all trades master of none

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

    A living dog is better than a dead lion
    ( )

    A man can do no more than he can
    ( )

    A man can not serve two masters
    ( )

    A man is known by the company he keeps

    A man's house is his castle

    A penny saved is a penny gained
    ( )

    A prophet is not without an honor save in his own country

    A secret between more than two is not secret

    A soft answer turneth a way wrath
    ( )

    A stitch in time saves nine

    A tree is known by it's fruit
    ( )

    A word to a wise is enough

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder

    Actions speak louder than words

    All is not gold that glitters

    All is well that ends well

    Any port in a storm

    As you sow, so will you reap

    Barking dogs seldom bite

    Beggars can not be choosers

    Believe not all that you see nor half what you hear

    Better an open enemy than false friend

    Better a devil you know than a devil you don't know

    Better be sure than sorry

    Birds of feather flock together
    ( )

    Blood is thicker than water
    ( )

    By their fruit ye shall know them
    ( )

    Call no man happy until he is dead

    Care killed the cat

    Catch not at the shadow and lose the substance

    Charity begins at home
    ( )

    Christmas play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year

    Cleanliness is next to godliness
    ( )

    Constant dropping wears away a stone
    ( )

    Corruption of the best becomes the worst

    Cowards die often

    Dead men tell no tales

    Death is the grand leveller

    Deeds not words

    Desperate Diseases need desperate remedies
    ( )

    Diamond cut diamond

    Do as you would be done by

    Dog does not eat dog

    Do not count your chickens before they are hatched

    Do not cross the bridge before you get to it
    ( )

    Early to bed and early to rise makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise

    East or west home is best

    Easy come easy go

    Even homer some times nods
    ( )

    Every body's business is nobody's business

    Every cloud has a silver lining
    ( )

    Every dog has his day

    Every man is the architect of his own fortunes

    Every medal has its reverse

    Everything comes to him who waits
    ( )

    Every why has a wherefore

    Evil communication corrupt good manners

    Familiarity breeds contempt

    Forbidden fruit is sweet
    ( )

    Four eyes see better than two
    ( )

    First catch your hare

    God helps them who help
    ( )

    Grasp all lose all
    ( )

    Half a loaf is better than no bread
    ( )

    Handsome is that handsome does

    He laughs best who laughs last

    He who makes no mistakes makes nothing

    History repeats itself

    Honesty is the best policy

    Hunger is the best sauce
    ( )

    He who sees half of the problem will be buried in the other half

    If the blind lead blind both shall fall into the ditch

    If you sing before breakfast you will cry before dinner
    ( )

    If you want a thing well done, do it yourself

    If you want peace, be prepared for war

    Ill-gotten gains never prosper

    Ill news travels apace(Fast)

    It is no use crying over the spilt milk

    It is too late to lock the stable door when the horse is stolen

    Judge not you not be judged

    Knowledge is power
    ( )

    Laugh and the world laughes with you, weep, and you weep alone

    Let bygones be bygones
    ( )

    Let sleeping dogs lay

    Life is sweet

    Like father like son

    Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land

    Look before you leap
    ( )

    Love is blind

    Love me love my dog

    Make hay while the sun shines
    ( )

    Manners make the man
    ( )

    Man proposes and god disposes

    Many hands make light work
    ( )

    Many heads are better than one
    ( )

    Misfortunes seldom come singly

    Money begets money
    ( )

    More haste less speed
    ( )

    Machines should work, but men should think

    Necessity is the mother of inventions

    Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today

    Never too old to learn
    ( )

    Never trouble trouble, Till trouble troubles you

    Never trouble trouble, It only doubles trouble, And troubles others too

    No one is perfect
    ( )

    Of two evils choose the least

    One cannot get water from a stone

    One man's meat is another

    man's poison
    ( )

    Out of sight out of mind
    ( )

    Old habits die slowly(hard)

    Povertiy is no sin
    ( )


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